2 Minute Abs



This awesome ab series literally takes roughly 2:30 to get through.  It’s 5 consecutive moves, held for :30 a piece.  I snuck in 3 series before Hayden work up, but I would have liked to have done 5.  My abs are ALWAYS a work in progress.  They’re super strong after #100fitdays but I can’t get the little squishy layer on top to GO AWAY!! Maybe it’s 2 kids, maybe it’s all the pizza and beer that I love…I wouldn’t trade either of those for the world, so I plank. A lot.


There are some really effective macro based dieting plans out there that could probably turn my 2-4 pack (depends on the day) into a 6-8 pack but I’m honestly not ready to put that much effort into my diet.  I eat as healthy as I can 70% of the day. That’s all I have the time or energy for at this point in life. I did figure out recently that, at my weight and height, I should be eating 1700 calories a day.  I used My Fitness Pal (super quick & easy to use) to enter in my food for the day.  I was pretty close to my target calories, but I learned a lot about making choices! SUNFLOWER SEEDS are the DEVIL.  The quick scoop on my veggie sandwich to make it crunchy is not worth the 310 calories and 29 grams of fat!  My new rule of thumb is anything crunchy (granola, nuts etc) are really high in fat, so it’s just a trade off choice to make on the daily.

My other favorite thing that I stumbled across this week was the quote below! Yes, I know how much sunflower seeds now rock my world and yes I envy those moms who have the super flat abs, but at the end of the day I have to put all that aside and keep my focus on feeling great and having confidence about who I am inside and out.  Life is much bigger than swimsuit season!

The scale


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