How Do I Find The Time?


I’ve had a lot of people ask me how do you find the time to do this every day??  It’s true. I have a lot going on in life. Who doesn’t???? It’s how we’re coded as a society. MUST. FILL. PLATE.  We are all short on time and feel like working out is the last thing we have time for.  Whatever is on your plate, it’s totally legitimate that it feels so full and I can ensure you that you’re not alone.  That said, it’s up to you and only you to find the time to do something positive.

There are 5 things that keep me finding the time every single day..

1. I only work out for 10-30 minutes! 5 out of 7 days are definitely short work outs. Like 10 minutes. Sometimes 2 minutes. Sometimes 30 minutes. My only long days are runs and that’s totally by choice. If you look at Mamas Daily Fit on Pinterest, you’ll see that each work out I do is geared to be short! I secretly feel like I’m cheating every day because I’m not at the gym for an hour. Baha I win, I only worked out for 20 minutes today.  Again, welcome to my head. In all seriousness, at this stage of my life I really don’t have the time to go to the gym for an hour 5 days a week, but I do have time to squeak something in every day. There’s a lot of flexibility in this approach. My motto is, whatever it is, it’s for you and IT COUNTS!

2. For me, exercise is more than just psychical, it’s therapeutic. As a result, my goals are around feeling better first, looking better second. I personally think anything outside of mental and physical strength are tough goals to have. That doesn’t mean they are not important or achievable, it’s just nice for me personally to not have a number to measure myself against or a dress to fit in or whatever. Regardless of our goals, shouldn’t we all be able to measure fitness success by A) does my mind feel clearer? B) Do I have more energy? and C) Did I do something today that I didn’t think I could? Those are pretty awesome measures, if you ask me!


3. I have seen the results and that’s pretty addicting.  I really don’t have any before or after pics, but my arms and my back actually have muscle definition, my legs are stronger, I can run farther, I’m so close to a handstand which I never thought I could do…the list goes on, but my point is seeing results is really inspiring.  It definitely keeps me going back for more.


4. My energy has 2 speeds: Full throttle and crash mode.  I am hard wired with an exponential amount of energy – like it’s hard to harness most days. My head usually is in a semi spinning state. I can start 7 tasks and finish none of them like a champ. Working out gives me the focus that’s often hard to achieve. On the flip side, ADD comes with energy crashes. I too suffer  from sever couch syndrome where I’m literally stuck to the microfiber (I have small kids. Ok and I spill a lot. Don’t judge).  BUT if I slither off the couch, land on the work out mat and do just 10 minutes – I get my second wind for the night. I’ve seen this work EVERY SINGLE TIME.  After just 10 minutes I feel great! I can hang out, hold a conversation, reflect on the day, watch our favorite show, finish something I started. That 2nd wind makes my day feel so much more valuable.

5. I know someone is watching. It’s my babes. It’s my husband. It’s my mom. It’s all of you. I think most humans thrive on accountability, myself included. That’s why #100fitdays really worked for me.  I had to be accountable because it felt like people were watching, but eventually everyday fitness became a lifestyle. Now I see my kids want to be active for fun, my husband rides his bike around our (double black diamond) neighborhood, my mom does wall handstands and my friend just sent me a pic of her planking with her dog.  I LOVE IT!

So maybe pick one of these 5 things that’s relevant to you and focus on that.  Use that as your reason to make time for YOU every day. You deserve it!!! Cause you’re fab! It’s all about finding time to maximize the fabulousness!

Plank Challenge!


Who doesn’t want a stronger core? But who hates plank even more than they want a stronger core? ME!!! If I’m planking by myself at home, I usually break between 30 seconds and a minute.  Never in my life would I think that I could make it longer than a minute.

I work with some pretty awesome people. We are all different ages and at different stages in our lives, but we all want to be stronger and healthier.  Can we hit pause for a second and just talk about how awesome it is to see a cultural shift of “I want to be rail thin” to “I want to be strong and lean” – I hope this is still the case when Adeline and Hayden get older.  Skinny feels so good but only in the short term.  There is so much more you can do with strength! Like be a badass and what have you.

So a couple of us girls and our awesome dude deskmate decided to declare a plank challenge. We blocked 15 minutes on our calendar every day to go to the gym and plank it out. Who doesn’t need a break from their desk or endless meetings?? It’s a good adrenalin rush to restart your brain.  We even do it in our work clothes!

So here we are. Just your average work day. Standard stuff happening over here.  Some of us made it 3 minutes!! What?? Who can plank for 3 minutes??? Apparently we can! Doing this with peers is super fun and definitely gives you extra strength.  We sang, we failed at taking video, we talked about Katy Parry (ahem, someone is not a fan), we laughed, I think I heard someone cry (jk) and we pushed each other to make it our best!

So if you work at dh and you want to meet us every day at 2:00, come on down!! If you don’t work at my awesome company that has a gym, a massage room, walking stations and a fitness instructor (yes I’m bragging) then grab your friends and find a conference room or a living room or whatever room and do a plank challenge together!

Today will be day 2 of our challenge.  We have some new goals…1 get the rest of these peeps on Instagram (OMG) and 2. to make it to 5 minutes by May.

Check us out on Mamas Daily Fit on Instagram to follow us along the way.


Workout Gear – How Do I Love Thee?


One of my very favorite things about working out is the GEAR! Even though I do a lot of workouts at home, there is something about work out clothes that are so fun that really gets ya moving.  Not in the mood to work out today? How about putting on your new printed tank or some those magical compression pants? Can I get an AMEN? I asked one of my fav fashion bloggers/friends/charity co-board members (in case you haven’t guessed it yet, she’s awesome) to share her take on workout clothes.  Thanks Polka Dots & Pleats for contributing!


Hey Mamas! Ready to get fit but letting your wardrobe hold you back from your workout? Shopping for new workout clothes is a great way to motivate you to GET STARTED.

Here are a few quick tips from fashion blogger Polka Dots & Pleats:

Find the Look for Less

Don’t get your gym shorts in a knot over the price of activewear!

  • Head to Target (you were going there anyway) to buy pants and bright sports bras. They always have a fun collection and most of their shorts or yoga pants are thick enough to cover your bootie.
  • Bargain shop at T.J. Maxx & Marshalls. Both have a great selection of athletic socks, hooded jackets, and workout tops. Look for fun prints & colors.

Treat Yourself to a Few Special Pieces

Go ahead, order your $5 Coconut Milk Skinny Latte and spend the big bucks on items you LOVE!

  • Lululemon is perfect for fashionable tops (like my pleated fuchsia pleated peplum one), athletic jackets and headbands. I must admit, I gave in to the trend and am hooked on the quality, fit and style of their clothes. It’s worth buying a few “treat yoself” items to mix into your workout wardrobe. Save them for the days when someone is going to see you!

Give a Girl the Right Shoes, & She can Conquer the World

I’d suggest adding a few fun colors and functionalities to your shoe collection. Find bargains at the Nike Outlet in Rookwood. J.Crew, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie offer athletic kicks that you can wear all weekend. If you can’t find the perfect pair, you can always create your own custom NikeIds but you’ll pay a premium.


Striped Top: Lululemon Print Pants: Target  Black Nikes: J.Crew

Striped Top: Lululemon
Print Pants: Target
Black Nikes: J.Crew

Peplum Top & Mint Headband: Lulu Pants: Target  Mint Sneakers: NikeID

Peplum Top & Mint Headband: Lulu
Pants: Target
Mint Sneakers: NikeID

How cute is she? Want to read more from her – follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

Is This Even Working? – YEP!


I’ve had a lot of people ask if I have “before and after” photos from my #100fitdays challenge, but I don’t.  I did this totally for stress relief, me time and for fun.  I know I look different. People are kind enough to tell me that (kiss kiss! love you!) and I know for sure that I FEEL different! I feel more in control of my health and my happiness. My clothes definitely fit better. I’m more confident BUT I didn’t see anything change on the scale.  My number has been the same for a long time.  That’s totally fine with me (it’s not like I cut back on the pizza and beer), but I realized that I do have this underlying wonder of IS THIS EVEN WORKING??  Some days I only work out for 10 minutes.  Is that really making a difference?

News Flash! YEP! IT IS! I went for a run outside on Sunday for the first time in a long time.  The first 5 minutes of every run are kind of miserable if you ask me.  My legs are like “do what?” I can’t pick which song to listen to. I’m already wondering how much longer till I’m done.  I think my left shoe is tied tighter than my right shoe. Welcome to my head…

But as 5 minutes turned to 6 minutes and 6 minutes turned to 20 minutes, I realized that I felt awesome! Every hill that used to make pause for a quick walk was totally doable.  There was a bounce in my step. I ran farther than I have in a long time.  I felt like I could breath so much easier.  I realized that these small workouts every day had really made me stronger! (happy dance happy dance dance dance dance!) So here I am on this glorious sunny day with my guns out:

Also, let’s not lie.  There was definitely still walking involved.  I took a nice 10 minute intermission from my run to walk though the double black diamond part of my neighborhood. Talk about booty burn! It was nice to take a break and mix it up a little.  PS – there is this old dude (no offense buddy) who totally lapped me up this hill.  He’s my hero. Then it was back to running for the last 10 minutes home! I even sprinted the last 50 yards and I forgot how fun that was! It feels like flying!

The moral of this story is my fitness journey is about EFFORT.  I have to make a conscious effort every day to work out, to feel better as a person, to keep it up.  In turn, I’m a better mom, a better wife, a better friend…a better person.  We have a choice every day to make it a great one.  So high five (where’s my word press high five emoticon???) to everyone who’s making today great, who’s focused on being a good person, inside and out!


Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see what workouts I’m doing on the daily or check out my Pinterest page to find some quick fitness routines to fit in your day!

Journey To Handstand


So yesterday I did my first handstand and it was majorly addicting.  I’ve seen a lot of other fit mom’s on Instagram doing handstands and I quickly realized that I was missing out on some SERIOUS FUN.  So here I am, first handstand ever, feeling like a supa-sta!

I’ve now set the goal of being about do a real, free standing handstand in 2 months! I got this (erm, I think).  So I did a little research last night on how to even come close to doing this.  In my two months of training I’ll be focusing on arms, core, balance, fun and trying not to break my neck.

So far, my training consists of this POPSUGAR guide that I love, following Beach Yoga Girl’s moves on Instagram and intermittently checking #journeytohandstand to see if there is any other training I’m missing out on.

By no means am I certified to recommend this, but here’s my humble approach that should build strength and be a fun challenge…

1. Get my muscles on. Hold a handstand against the wall for a minute at a time.  This should get my shoulders and my wrists like whaaat.


2. Get used to being upside down, build arm strength and flexibility. I can picture Hayden and Adeline thinking this is the funnest tunnel game ever.

3. Work on Balance. Transition from a headstand to a forearm headstand.  I can do a headstand right now thanks to my gymnastics class I did in the 80’s.

4. Practice Kick Ups and work on Leg Splits.  AGAINST A WALL. Baby steps, folks!

5. Practice falling.  That’s the scary part. Beach Yoga Girl recommends setting up a ton of pillows and doing kick ups and cart wheels to fall out to get used to the idea of *oh crap I’m falling* – Ok I added that last part.


So, that’s it! Follow me on Instragram to see my daily attempts to come closer to my goal and to witness me making a fool of myself!

Fitness Blogging Is Not For The Weary


I’ve started this adventure only 2 weeks ago with a clear vision – to stay accountable and to inspire others.  How quickly one can wane.  In the past 2 weeks, as I have clunked my way around the online fitness community full of insane bodies with thousands of followers, I have said to myself, what the hell am I doing here? How am I going to inspire people when I don’t look like that? Of all these “before & afters” I’m somewhere awkwardly in the middle.

I’m so disappointed in myself that I almost can’t even type this, but I’ve spent way too many hours in the past 2 weeks thinking: “Why don’t I look like those other fitness girls? Should I be on a strict diet? What am I doing wrong?”

But then I punched myself in the face (not literally) because that is not why I’m here. I never felt that way during my #100fitdays challenge. I was having fun. I was healthy. I was happy – and in turn, I was confident!

One thing that has been insanely challenging is figuring out the best way to write a blog – site structure, code, format, themes, plug ins, etc. OMG I could Google all night.  I’ve moved away from Googling the latest illness I’m sure my family is suffering from (#momtalk) to: What makes a great blog post, How do I grow my Instagram followers, What’s the best way to code your site for search?  Here’s the good news. I’m in marketing. I love this shit. It’s interesting to me and I know it will help me inspire others. I can’t wait to write a blog post in 30 or 60 or 90 days that says here’s the 10 things you have to do to be a successful motivational blogger. I already know my Rule #1

Rule #1: Remember that you’ve got something you care enough about to share with the world. Lucky you. Stick to what you love. That’s what makes this fun.  Learn from others but don’t give a hoot if you’re something different.  If it’s important to you then it’s most likely important to someone else.  They’ll find you.  They’ll read you. They’ll share. You’ll have made a difference.

So here I am, happy as hell that I finally talked myself out of this spiral of “I’m not fit enough.” Of course I’m not fit enough for this current world I stumbled into.  I mean, I just polished off the Samoas.  They’re gone. It’s done. Let’s move on…

I had someone say to me the other day, “I’d kill for your body.” First, let me kiss them on the face, but second, all I kept thinking is “I’d kill for her mind.” She’s awesome and brilliant. So if you’re like me and always a work in progress, just remember that we’re all awesome – erherm Flawsome! Hold your head high and let’s love one another, starting with ourselves!

Wall hello there!


Since I’ve started my daily fitness journey, I’ve started following a lot of Yoga peeps on Instagram.  I will never be able to do what they do, but I’ve seen a lot of headstands made easier by using a wall.  So the search was on to find an open wall in my house that was not connected to a kids room.  #fail. Turns out we have a lot of windows and a lot of shit on our walls, but I did find this cozy little spot next to my kitchen peninsula.

I’m 33 and anything that feels like climbing is still super fun for me.  I’m sure I’ll grow up soon.  So I scoured Instagram and Pinterest and came up with a total body strengthening series that used the wall for all sorts of things.  THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!

I really didn’t think I’d be strong enough, but it was an awesome hard challenge and it feels amazing to have conquered it!

I’m not sweaty. I actually just put my hair back down because we have friends coming over. Makeup still in tact. Kids still asleep.  But I do feel stronger, I’ve done something new which is always a rush and I had a hell of a lot of fun.  So to me, #itcounts

Strong Is The New Skinny


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the coolest things about #100fitdays was to see my arms go from the weakest part of my body to the strongest.  I usually dedicate 1 day a week to arms specifically, but I hit them up in Yoga and Total Body workouts too, so they do get a lot of love.

I’m such a believer in strong is the new skinny.  I can say that 110 days ago I would have nodded but secretly disagreed.  I’ve always had skinny arms and have been grateful for them.  Now I kiss those things goodbye and love my new muscles! (flexing at my desk!)

Here’s this morning’s arm work outs.  It was hard to make the time today, but I squeezed it in after the kids left and before work.  Date night tonight, so I had to make the time! 🙂

15 reps. 3 sets. Get it!



Cardio for Breakfast


I experimented with quite a few things this morning, all before 6:30:

1. New technology for creating content. I got an iPhone tripod and am testing out a video editing app called VideoShop that is so far awesome.  Two thumbs up for both of these.

2. Working out in the morning.  I was up and at ’em by 6am! To be fair, my alarm was set for 5:15.  But I was done with my workout by 6:30 and ready to get the kids up.  Jury is still out on if this was worth it.  It’s awesome to have my workout done but let’s see if i can stay awake past 8pm tonight!

3. A new cardio workout! It was an awesome mix of getting the heart rate up and working arms, abs & legs.  I personally love the way these sets were laid out.  The first and third are super intense cardio where the middle is more strength.  And if you do it all in Time-Lapse you look like a maniac! And I like it!

Try this bad boy 3 times and you’ll feel like Rocky in 30 minutes!  Thanks Cella Jane!


To see more quick cardio workouts that drive results, check out Mamas Daily Fit on Pinterest!

Booty Blaster!


I suffer from super duper flat butt.  Its the last place I gain weight or muscle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty grateful, but I would love to get a little good junk in the trunk.  What’s the equivalent of good junk? Maybe mason jars? You really don’t need them but they sure look good! LOLing at myself over here!

Here was Saturday’s Booty Blaster (just named it!) workout! I did 3 sets of this, so it was a grand total of no more than a 30 minute work out. ENJOY!