Cardio for Breakfast


#cardio day!! Trying out early morning workouts instead of end of day. Jury's still out… #girlsruntheworld

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I experimented with quite a few things this morning, all before 6:30:

1. New technology for creating content. I got an iPhone tripod and am testing out a video editing app called VideoShop that is so far awesome.  Two thumbs up for both of these.

2. Working out in the morning.  I was up and at ’em by 6am! To be fair, my alarm was set for 5:15.  But I was done with my workout by 6:30 and ready to get the kids up.  Jury is still out on if this was worth it.  It’s awesome to have my workout done but let’s see if i can stay awake past 8pm tonight!

3. A new cardio workout! It was an awesome mix of getting the heart rate up and working arms, abs & legs.  I personally love the way these sets were laid out.  The first and third are super intense cardio where the middle is more strength.  And if you do it all in Time-Lapse you look like a maniac! And I like it!

Try this bad boy 3 times and you’ll feel like Rocky in 30 minutes!  Thanks Cella Jane!


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