Head Stands Relieve Stress?


Today was a full ay of home renovation contractor mess.  Needless to say, today’s workout was geared towards stress relief, so I decided on headstands for fun and then a cool plank series I saw on Pinterest.

Someone told me they do a head stand for 5 minutes a day and it’s a huge stress release for them.  I thought that sounded like fun, plus this is really my single most glorious skill from my 4 year old gymnastics career – minus foam pit jumping.  I can’t believe 1. how fun it is and 2. how it works your triceps! And it worked….as my husband Chris and I laughed by the fire at my ridiculousness, the perspective that I’ve gained from life slid from me feet, where it’s been hiding, to my brain (thanks gravity) and I realized how grateful I am for my family and our health and I don’t give a hooty hoot about contractor problems.  It will all work out in the end and duh home renovation is one of life’s bumpier roads.




On to my plank series….

Honestly I picked this one because I was obviously drawn to the cape.  Who doens’t want to be a super hero? And my abs are still in chili and beer detox from last weeks ski trip. It’s so worth the squish but I’m ready for them to return to their previous state. Please and thx. So thanks to Neilarey for this awesome series that only took 4 MINUTES but was awesome!






Truth be told I really didn’t think the raised arm elbow plank was humanly possible, but here is reason #74 why I love working out. It feels amazing to do something you didn’t think you could!




That’s a wrap for #day92 of #100fitdays!


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