How Do I Find The Time?


I’ve had a lot of people ask me how do you find the time to do this every day??  It’s true. I have a lot going on in life. Who doesn’t???? It’s how we’re coded as a society. MUST. FILL. PLATE.  We are all short on time and feel like working out is the last thing we have time for.  Whatever is on your plate, it’s totally legitimate that it feels so full and I can ensure you that you’re not alone.  That said, it’s up to you and only you to find the time to do something positive.

There are 5 things that keep me finding the time every single day..

1. I only work out for 10-30 minutes! 5 out of 7 days are definitely short work outs. Like 10 minutes. Sometimes 2 minutes. Sometimes 30 minutes. My only long days are runs and that’s totally by choice. If you look at Mamas Daily Fit on Pinterest, you’ll see that each work out I do is geared to be short! I secretly feel like I’m cheating every day because I’m not at the gym for an hour. Baha I win, I only worked out for 20 minutes today.  Again, welcome to my head. In all seriousness, at this stage of my life I really don’t have the time to go to the gym for an hour 5 days a week, but I do have time to squeak something in every day. There’s a lot of flexibility in this approach. My motto is, whatever it is, it’s for you and IT COUNTS!

2. For me, exercise is more than just psychical, it’s therapeutic. As a result, my goals are around feeling better first, looking better second. I personally think anything outside of mental and physical strength are tough goals to have. That doesn’t mean they are not important or achievable, it’s just nice for me personally to not have a number to measure myself against or a dress to fit in or whatever. Regardless of our goals, shouldn’t we all be able to measure fitness success by A) does my mind feel clearer? B) Do I have more energy? and C) Did I do something today that I didn’t think I could? Those are pretty awesome measures, if you ask me!


3. I have seen the results and that’s pretty addicting.  I really don’t have any before or after pics, but my arms and my back actually have muscle definition, my legs are stronger, I can run farther, I’m so close to a handstand which I never thought I could do…the list goes on, but my point is seeing results is really inspiring.  It definitely keeps me going back for more.


4. My energy has 2 speeds: Full throttle and crash mode.  I am hard wired with an exponential amount of energy – like it’s hard to harness most days. My head usually is in a semi spinning state. I can start 7 tasks and finish none of them like a champ. Working out gives me the focus that’s often hard to achieve. On the flip side, ADD comes with energy crashes. I too suffer  from sever couch syndrome where I’m literally stuck to the microfiber (I have small kids. Ok and I spill a lot. Don’t judge).  BUT if I slither off the couch, land on the work out mat and do just 10 minutes – I get my second wind for the night. I’ve seen this work EVERY SINGLE TIME.  After just 10 minutes I feel great! I can hang out, hold a conversation, reflect on the day, watch our favorite show, finish something I started. That 2nd wind makes my day feel so much more valuable.

5. I know someone is watching. It’s my babes. It’s my husband. It’s my mom. It’s all of you. I think most humans thrive on accountability, myself included. That’s why #100fitdays really worked for me.  I had to be accountable because it felt like people were watching, but eventually everyday fitness became a lifestyle. Now I see my kids want to be active for fun, my husband rides his bike around our (double black diamond) neighborhood, my mom does wall handstands and my friend just sent me a pic of her planking with her dog.  I LOVE IT!

So maybe pick one of these 5 things that’s relevant to you and focus on that.  Use that as your reason to make time for YOU every day. You deserve it!!! Cause you’re fab! It’s all about finding time to maximize the fabulousness!

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