Me Time



I love my company for a lot of reasons, but today I particularly love it because it offers massages, twice a week, at a super cheap rate.  #toogoodtobetrue. I fell on the ice yesterday and am so sore that I’m feeling like 30 something going on 90 something.  I’m SO CLOSE to being done with #100fitdays that I don’t want anything to stand in the way.  So I hit the wellness room for a 20 minute slice of heaven (angels singing) and decided to do the stationary bike for another 20 minutes just to get the heart rate up.  That’s 40 minutes of me time today! Woooo!!

I can’t believe I only have 4 days to go! I really have loved every minute of this #100fitdays journey.  It’s taught me so much about personal health and physical strength. I feel great every time I take time for me.  My family and friends notice it too.  I’m over 3 months in and I’m so grateful my life took this twisty little turn to lead me here: a happier,healthier, fitter, now blogger who is pumped up for this new lifestyle! So thanks, self! Way to make time for you too! skinnyms                                                                          Source: SkinnyMs

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