Plank Challenge!


Who doesn’t want a stronger core? But who hates plank even more than they want a stronger core? ME!!! If I’m planking by myself at home, I usually break between 30 seconds and a minute.  Never in my life would I think that I could make it longer than a minute.

I work with some pretty awesome people. We are all different ages and at different stages in our lives, but we all want to be stronger and healthier.  Can we hit pause for a second and just talk about how awesome it is to see a cultural shift of “I want to be rail thin” to “I want to be strong and lean” – I hope this is still the case when Adeline and Hayden get older.  Skinny feels so good but only in the short term.  There is so much more you can do with strength! Like be a badass and what have you.

So a couple of us girls and our awesome dude deskmate decided to declare a plank challenge. We blocked 15 minutes on our calendar every day to go to the gym and plank it out. Who doesn’t need a break from their desk or endless meetings?? It’s a good adrenalin rush to restart your brain.  We even do it in our work clothes!

So here we are. Just your average work day. Standard stuff happening over here.  Some of us made it 3 minutes!! What?? Who can plank for 3 minutes??? Apparently we can! Doing this with peers is super fun and definitely gives you extra strength.  We sang, we failed at taking video, we talked about Katy Parry (ahem, someone is not a fan), we laughed, I think I heard someone cry (jk) and we pushed each other to make it our best!

So if you work at dh and you want to meet us every day at 2:00, come on down!! If you don’t work at my awesome company that has a gym, a massage room, walking stations and a fitness instructor (yes I’m bragging) then grab your friends and find a conference room or a living room or whatever room and do a plank challenge together!

Today will be day 2 of our challenge.  We have some new goals…1 get the rest of these peeps on Instagram (OMG) and 2. to make it to 5 minutes by May.

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