Snowmygod! Indoor Fitness


Sunday was full of family fitness! We have had so much snow (snowmygod!) that as awesome as it is to be playing outside with the neighbors, there is only so much bundling this 1 and 3 year old (or this mom!) can handle! #momtalk. So we’ve taken to indoor activities! It’s so rewarding to watch my kids choose to do workouts to be silly & have fun.  It pails in comparison to playing Super Hero’s but yoga is their jam. Here is Adeline’s Yoga Video .  Finally a good habit from their mama. 

As for me, I squeezed in quick total body work out.  This definitely took me no more than 5 minutes to do 1 set.  My friend at work doesn’t believe me so stay tuned for a timed workout.  I did 3…so between water breaks, returning texts and shuffling through music, that’s no more than 20 minutes.  This is such a speedy workout that has left my legs so sore! THIS.IS.WHY….any second over 5 seconds of a wall sit is not ok.


I’m supposed to do cardio today and I’m going to have to give my quads a serious pep talk.  Sounds like the perfect reason to add a new song to the workout mix to power through.

Thanks Social Stylate for the awesome workout.  Check out Mamas Daily Fit on Pinterest for more quick total body workouts!

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