Strong Is The New Skinny


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the coolest things about #100fitdays was to see my arms go from the weakest part of my body to the strongest.  I usually dedicate 1 day a week to arms specifically, but I hit them up in Yoga and Total Body workouts too, so they do get a lot of love.

I’m such a believer in strong is the new skinny.  I can say that 110 days ago I would have nodded but secretly disagreed.  I’ve always had skinny arms and have been grateful for them.  Now I kiss those things goodbye and love my new muscles! (flexing at my desk!)

Here’s this morning’s arm work outs.  It was hard to make the time today, but I squeezed it in after the kids left and before work.  Date night tonight, so I had to make the time! 🙂

15 reps. 3 sets. Get it!



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