Ode To The Working Mom


I’m not trying to complain, but I’ve found that if something is on my mind, then it’s probably on someone else’s too, so here goes. I’m just having one of those life phases where the balance is tough.   Things are so exciting and demanding at work, things are equally exciting and demanding at home, oh and I have massive attention deficit disorder and want to do everything that seems shiny and fun.  Then there is this passion for fitness and blogging that lurks in the back of my head every day.  Welcome to my brain.  Insert fried egg emoji here. Oh wait, I just did.


Being a working mom is crazy hard. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it (or could change it – it’s in my DNA) for the world, but it’s crazy hard.  From finishing presentations after midnight to getting up at 6:00 to shower before kids get up, to deadlines, to schedules, kid commitments and we can’t forget about the husbands we love…there is just so much to think about and do! But under that massive to do list and pressure is a passion that’s undeniable. I’m lucky enough to really love what I do, which of course comes with it’s own set of guilt, but I’m also lucky enough to be obsessed with my family.  How do working moms balance it all? And how the h.e.double.hockey.stick do we still have time to work out? Well here’s my latest ah-ha moment…

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In life, moms often put ourselves second because we don’t want to let anyone down. Why can’t we make the time to put ourselves first at some point in the day? We all know what it feels like to go on vacation (sans kids), where it’s essentially all about you, and you feel so rejuvenated. Fitness, although it’s no Key West, does that for me! The adrenalin brings clarity and calm that I am not born with.  It gives me confidence and strength.  It’s often social, as I work out with my hubby or my friends a lot. So no excuses! Nothing will change if you don’t do something about it. Live for yourself. You’re a good person. The better you are to yourself the better you will be to others.

And don’t forget, little tiny impressionable people are watching! Yes, being a mom is crazy busy, but no matter what kind of mom you are, kids are not an excuse.  They’re a reason to work out, to show the importance of fitness and to be the best version of yourself that you can be. This was one of my fav moments of the weekend, when Hayden asked to play “family tennis”.  The rules are very flexible and we had a blast!


So whether you’re a SAH mom, working mom, single mom, grandma, new mom, old mom, type A mom, hands off mom, or whatever else mom…I bet you’re trying your hardest, wondering if you’re doing life right and wishing you had more time to not just do things, but to do at least 1 thing extra great.  If you figure that out, for real, please let me know.  Until then, chin up, chest out, squat till you drop and cheers to all of you who are beautiful, inside and out!

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Journey To Handstand


So yesterday I did my first handstand and it was majorly addicting.  I’ve seen a lot of other fit mom’s on Instagram doing handstands and I quickly realized that I was missing out on some SERIOUS FUN.  So here I am, first handstand ever, feeling like a supa-sta!

I’ve now set the goal of being about do a real, free standing handstand in 2 months! I got this (erm, I think).  So I did a little research last night on how to even come close to doing this.  In my two months of training I’ll be focusing on arms, core, balance, fun and trying not to break my neck.

So far, my training consists of this POPSUGAR guide that I love, following Beach Yoga Girl’s moves on Instagram and intermittently checking #journeytohandstand to see if there is any other training I’m missing out on.

By no means am I certified to recommend this, but here’s my humble approach that should build strength and be a fun challenge…

1. Get my muscles on. Hold a handstand against the wall for a minute at a time.  This should get my shoulders and my wrists like whaaat.


2. Get used to being upside down, build arm strength and flexibility. I can picture Hayden and Adeline thinking this is the funnest tunnel game ever.

3. Work on Balance. Transition from a headstand to a forearm headstand.  I can do a headstand right now thanks to my gymnastics class I did in the 80’s.

4. Practice Kick Ups and work on Leg Splits.  AGAINST A WALL. Baby steps, folks!

5. Practice falling.  That’s the scary part. Beach Yoga Girl recommends setting up a ton of pillows and doing kick ups and cart wheels to fall out to get used to the idea of *oh crap I’m falling* – Ok I added that last part.


So, that’s it! Follow me on Instragram to see my daily attempts to come closer to my goal and to witness me making a fool of myself!