Fitness Blogging Is Not For The Weary


I’ve started this adventure only 2 weeks ago with a clear vision – to stay accountable and to inspire others.  How quickly one can wane.  In the past 2 weeks, as I have clunked my way around the online fitness community full of insane bodies with thousands of followers, I have said to myself, what the hell am I doing here? How am I going to inspire people when I don’t look like that? Of all these “before & afters” I’m somewhere awkwardly in the middle.

I’m so disappointed in myself that I almost can’t even type this, but I’ve spent way too many hours in the past 2 weeks thinking: “Why don’t I look like those other fitness girls? Should I be on a strict diet? What am I doing wrong?”

But then I punched myself in the face (not literally) because that is not why I’m here. I never felt that way during my #100fitdays challenge. I was having fun. I was healthy. I was happy – and in turn, I was confident!

One thing that has been insanely challenging is figuring out the best way to write a blog – site structure, code, format, themes, plug ins, etc. OMG I could Google all night.  I’ve moved away from Googling the latest illness I’m sure my family is suffering from (#momtalk) to: What makes a great blog post, How do I grow my Instagram followers, What’s the best way to code your site for search?  Here’s the good news. I’m in marketing. I love this shit. It’s interesting to me and I know it will help me inspire others. I can’t wait to write a blog post in 30 or 60 or 90 days that says here’s the 10 things you have to do to be a successful motivational blogger. I already know my Rule #1

Rule #1: Remember that you’ve got something you care enough about to share with the world. Lucky you. Stick to what you love. That’s what makes this fun.  Learn from others but don’t give a hoot if you’re something different.  If it’s important to you then it’s most likely important to someone else.  They’ll find you.  They’ll read you. They’ll share. You’ll have made a difference.

So here I am, happy as hell that I finally talked myself out of this spiral of “I’m not fit enough.” Of course I’m not fit enough for this current world I stumbled into.  I mean, I just polished off the Samoas.  They’re gone. It’s done. Let’s move on…

I had someone say to me the other day, “I’d kill for your body.” First, let me kiss them on the face, but second, all I kept thinking is “I’d kill for her mind.” She’s awesome and brilliant. So if you’re like me and always a work in progress, just remember that we’re all awesome – erherm Flawsome! Hold your head high and let’s love one another, starting with ourselves!