Journey To Handstand


So yesterday I did my first handstand and it was majorly addicting.  I’ve seen a lot of other fit mom’s on Instagram doing handstands and I quickly realized that I was missing out on some SERIOUS FUN.  So here I am, first handstand ever, feeling like a supa-sta!

I’ve now set the goal of being about do a real, free standing handstand in 2 months! I got this (erm, I think).  So I did a little research last night on how to even come close to doing this.  In my two months of training I’ll be focusing on arms, core, balance, fun and trying not to break my neck.

So far, my training consists of this POPSUGAR guide that I love, following Beach Yoga Girl’s moves on Instagram and intermittently checking #journeytohandstand to see if there is any other training I’m missing out on.

By no means am I certified to recommend this, but here’s my humble approach that should build strength and be a fun challenge…

1. Get my muscles on. Hold a handstand against the wall for a minute at a time.  This should get my shoulders and my wrists like whaaat.


2. Get used to being upside down, build arm strength and flexibility. I can picture Hayden and Adeline thinking this is the funnest tunnel game ever.

3. Work on Balance. Transition from a headstand to a forearm headstand.  I can do a headstand right now thanks to my gymnastics class I did in the 80’s.

4. Practice Kick Ups and work on Leg Splits.  AGAINST A WALL. Baby steps, folks!

5. Practice falling.  That’s the scary part. Beach Yoga Girl recommends setting up a ton of pillows and doing kick ups and cart wheels to fall out to get used to the idea of *oh crap I’m falling* – Ok I added that last part.


So, that’s it! Follow me on Instragram to see my daily attempts to come closer to my goal and to witness me making a fool of myself!