Ode To The Working Mom


I’m not trying to complain, but I’ve found that if something is on my mind, then it’s probably on someone else’s too, so here goes. I’m just having one of those life phases where the balance is tough.   Things are so exciting and demanding at work, things are equally exciting and demanding at home, oh and I have massive attention deficit disorder and want to do everything that seems shiny and fun.  Then there is this passion for fitness and blogging that lurks in the back of my head every day.  Welcome to my brain.  Insert fried egg emoji here. Oh wait, I just did.


Being a working mom is crazy hard. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it (or could change it – it’s in my DNA) for the world, but it’s crazy hard.  From finishing presentations after midnight to getting up at 6:00 to shower before kids get up, to deadlines, to schedules, kid commitments and we can’t forget about the husbands we love…there is just so much to think about and do! But under that massive to do list and pressure is a passion that’s undeniable. I’m lucky enough to really love what I do, which of course comes with it’s own set of guilt, but I’m also lucky enough to be obsessed with my family.  How do working moms balance it all? And how the h.e.double.hockey.stick do we still have time to work out? Well here’s my latest ah-ha moment…

FullSizeRender (2)

In life, moms often put ourselves second because we don’t want to let anyone down. Why can’t we make the time to put ourselves first at some point in the day? We all know what it feels like to go on vacation (sans kids), where it’s essentially all about you, and you feel so rejuvenated. Fitness, although it’s no Key West, does that for me! The adrenalin brings clarity and calm that I am not born with.  It gives me confidence and strength.  It’s often social, as I work out with my hubby or my friends a lot. So no excuses! Nothing will change if you don’t do something about it. Live for yourself. You’re a good person. The better you are to yourself the better you will be to others.

And don’t forget, little tiny impressionable people are watching! Yes, being a mom is crazy busy, but no matter what kind of mom you are, kids are not an excuse.  They’re a reason to work out, to show the importance of fitness and to be the best version of yourself that you can be. This was one of my fav moments of the weekend, when Hayden asked to play “family tennis”.  The rules are very flexible and we had a blast!


So whether you’re a SAH mom, working mom, single mom, grandma, new mom, old mom, type A mom, hands off mom, or whatever else mom…I bet you’re trying your hardest, wondering if you’re doing life right and wishing you had more time to not just do things, but to do at least 1 thing extra great.  If you figure that out, for real, please let me know.  Until then, chin up, chest out, squat till you drop and cheers to all of you who are beautiful, inside and out!

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Snowmygod! Indoor Fitness


Sunday was full of family fitness! We have had so much snow (snowmygod!) that as awesome as it is to be playing outside with the neighbors, there is only so much bundling this 1 and 3 year old (or this mom!) can handle! #momtalk. So we’ve taken to indoor activities! It’s so rewarding to watch my kids choose to do workouts to be silly & have fun.  It pails in comparison to playing Super Hero’s but yoga is their jam. Here is Adeline’s Yoga Video .  Finally a good habit from their mama. 

As for me, I squeezed in quick total body work out.  This definitely took me no more than 5 minutes to do 1 set.  My friend at work doesn’t believe me so stay tuned for a timed workout.  I did 3…so between water breaks, returning texts and shuffling through music, that’s no more than 20 minutes.  This is such a speedy workout that has left my legs so sore! THIS.IS.WHY….any second over 5 seconds of a wall sit is not ok.


I’m supposed to do cardio today and I’m going to have to give my quads a serious pep talk.  Sounds like the perfect reason to add a new song to the workout mix to power through.

Thanks Social Stylate for the awesome workout.  Check out Mamas Daily Fit on Pinterest for more quick total body workouts!

Family Work Outs – Fighting Off the Winter Blues



These are my nuggets! They’ve been watching me work out for the past 95 days in a row, cheering me on, doing yoga with me, attempting jumping jacks, climbing under me while I plank, siting on my lap while I do crunches and all sorts of other mega cute stuff.  Then there is always the ‘waking up early from their naps just in time to demand my attention during my work outs’ move. Sigh. #momtalk.

Here is sweet Adeline, insisting that I read Brown Bear on repeat while I try and do a quick full body workout.  Let me tell you, its hard to count reps while reading! Regardless, this book is a family favorite. Both kids adore it and I highly recommend it!


Above is the quick total body fire side workout I was able to shake my winter blues with.  I did 3 sets of it and it felt awesome. This is actually the workout I did on day 1 of my #100fitdays journey. I almost get sentimental when I do this one!

Last but not least, Cincinnati finally had some real snow.  We had a blast playing with the kids! It’s one of those days where you’re so grateful for these moments.  Hayden hid baby carrots in the snow to “make a garden” and fearless Adeline loved going fast on her first sled ride.  I hit the bunny hill of the back yard around 20 times on the snowboard we bought Hayden from Home Depot. I crushed it. #freshiesbrah! Why not have a little fun. #itcounts

Snowboard Sesh Video!