Weeee!! Yoga!


I have to admit, my legs are still killing me between Sunday’s super lunges and wall sits and then 20 minutes on the treadmill on Monday.  My favorite thing to do after a big day or two of cardio is Yoga.  It builds strength, stretches muscles that I didn’t even know hurt and ALWAYS gives me a reason to laugh at myself!

Before I get in to yoga, I wanted to quickly share my newest treadmill playlist.  I personally like this order, but a lil shuffle never hurts when you’re type A…LIVE A LITTLE! I can only mentally handle 30 minutes of running. My thoughts consist of: I’m running, this sucks, ok this is great, I’m still running, this sucks again, nope I love it…1 continuous loop. Anyone else???

Here is my mix to help me power through!



Now, on to my laugh for the day.  This! My leg is almost straight/NOT AT ALL!!  1. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this move 2. another case in point that my hamstrings are to short. #notmyfault.



I thoroughly enjoyed this series! It was range of easy to challenging. Thank you POPSUGAR. You always are a great source for awesome, quick at home workouts. Check out MamasDailyFit on Pinterest for the full workout and more Yoga series!