Family Work Outs – Fighting Off the Winter Blues



These are my nuggets! They’ve been watching me work out for the past 95 days in a row, cheering me on, doing yoga with me, attempting jumping jacks, climbing under me while I plank, siting on my lap while I do crunches and all sorts of other mega cute stuff.  Then there is always the ‘waking up early from their naps just in time to demand my attention during my work outs’ move. Sigh. #momtalk.

Here is sweet Adeline, insisting that I read Brown Bear on repeat while I try and do a quick full body workout.  Let me tell you, its hard to count reps while reading! Regardless, this book is a family favorite. Both kids adore it and I highly recommend it!


Above is the quick total body fire side workout I was able to shake my winter blues with.  I did 3 sets of it and it felt awesome. This is actually the workout I did on day 1 of my #100fitdays journey. I almost get sentimental when I do this one!

Last but not least, Cincinnati finally had some real snow.  We had a blast playing with the kids! It’s one of those days where you’re so grateful for these moments.  Hayden hid baby carrots in the snow to “make a garden” and fearless Adeline loved going fast on her first sled ride.  I hit the bunny hill of the back yard around 20 times on the snowboard we bought Hayden from Home Depot. I crushed it. #freshiesbrah! Why not have a little fun. #itcounts

Snowboard Sesh Video!