Workout Gear – How Do I Love Thee?


One of my very favorite things about working out is the GEAR! Even though I do a lot of workouts at home, there is something about work out clothes that are so fun that really gets ya moving.  Not in the mood to work out today? How about putting on your new printed tank or some those magical compression pants? Can I get an AMEN? I asked one of my fav fashion bloggers/friends/charity co-board members (in case you haven’t guessed it yet, she’s awesome) to share her take on workout clothes.  Thanks Polka Dots & Pleats for contributing!


Hey Mamas! Ready to get fit but letting your wardrobe hold you back from your workout? Shopping for new workout clothes is a great way to motivate you to GET STARTED.

Here are a few quick tips from fashion blogger Polka Dots & Pleats:

Find the Look for Less

Don’t get your gym shorts in a knot over the price of activewear!

  • Head to Target (you were going there anyway) to buy pants and bright sports bras. They always have a fun collection and most of their shorts or yoga pants are thick enough to cover your bootie.
  • Bargain shop at T.J. Maxx & Marshalls. Both have a great selection of athletic socks, hooded jackets, and workout tops. Look for fun prints & colors.

Treat Yourself to a Few Special Pieces

Go ahead, order your $5 Coconut Milk Skinny Latte and spend the big bucks on items you LOVE!

  • Lululemon is perfect for fashionable tops (like my pleated fuchsia pleated peplum one), athletic jackets and headbands. I must admit, I gave in to the trend and am hooked on the quality, fit and style of their clothes. It’s worth buying a few “treat yoself” items to mix into your workout wardrobe. Save them for the days when someone is going to see you!

Give a Girl the Right Shoes, & She can Conquer the World

I’d suggest adding a few fun colors and functionalities to your shoe collection. Find bargains at the Nike Outlet in Rookwood. J.Crew, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie offer athletic kicks that you can wear all weekend. If you can’t find the perfect pair, you can always create your own custom NikeIds but you’ll pay a premium.


Striped Top: Lululemon Print Pants: Target  Black Nikes: J.Crew

Striped Top: Lululemon
Print Pants: Target
Black Nikes: J.Crew

Peplum Top & Mint Headband: Lulu Pants: Target  Mint Sneakers: NikeID

Peplum Top & Mint Headband: Lulu
Pants: Target
Mint Sneakers: NikeID

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