Is This Even Working? – YEP!


I’ve had a lot of people ask if I have “before and after” photos from my #100fitdays challenge, but I don’t.  I did this totally for stress relief, me time and for fun.  I know I look different. People are kind enough to tell me that (kiss kiss! love you!) and I know for sure that I FEEL different! I feel more in control of my health and my happiness. My clothes definitely fit better. I’m more confident BUT I didn’t see anything change on the scale.  My number has been the same for a long time.  That’s totally fine with me (it’s not like I cut back on the pizza and beer), but I realized that I do have this underlying wonder of IS THIS EVEN WORKING??  Some days I only work out for 10 minutes.  Is that really making a difference?

News Flash! YEP! IT IS! I went for a run outside on Sunday for the first time in a long time.  The first 5 minutes of every run are kind of miserable if you ask me.  My legs are like “do what?” I can’t pick which song to listen to. I’m already wondering how much longer till I’m done.  I think my left shoe is tied tighter than my right shoe. Welcome to my head…

But as 5 minutes turned to 6 minutes and 6 minutes turned to 20 minutes, I realized that I felt awesome! Every hill that used to make pause for a quick walk was totally doable.  There was a bounce in my step. I ran farther than I have in a long time.  I felt like I could breath so much easier.  I realized that these small workouts every day had really made me stronger! (happy dance happy dance dance dance dance!) So here I am on this glorious sunny day with my guns out:

Also, let’s not lie.  There was definitely still walking involved.  I took a nice 10 minute intermission from my run to walk though the double black diamond part of my neighborhood. Talk about booty burn! It was nice to take a break and mix it up a little.  PS – there is this old dude (no offense buddy) who totally lapped me up this hill.  He’s my hero. Then it was back to running for the last 10 minutes home! I even sprinted the last 50 yards and I forgot how fun that was! It feels like flying!

The moral of this story is my fitness journey is about EFFORT.  I have to make a conscious effort every day to work out, to feel better as a person, to keep it up.  In turn, I’m a better mom, a better wife, a better friend…a better person.  We have a choice every day to make it a great one.  So high five (where’s my word press high five emoticon???) to everyone who’s making today great, who’s focused on being a good person, inside and out!


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Wall hello there!


Since I’ve started my daily fitness journey, I’ve started following a lot of Yoga peeps on Instagram.  I will never be able to do what they do, but I’ve seen a lot of headstands made easier by using a wall.  So the search was on to find an open wall in my house that was not connected to a kids room.  #fail. Turns out we have a lot of windows and a lot of shit on our walls, but I did find this cozy little spot next to my kitchen peninsula.

I’m 33 and anything that feels like climbing is still super fun for me.  I’m sure I’ll grow up soon.  So I scoured Instagram and Pinterest and came up with a total body strengthening series that used the wall for all sorts of things.  THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!

I really didn’t think I’d be strong enough, but it was an awesome hard challenge and it feels amazing to have conquered it!

I’m not sweaty. I actually just put my hair back down because we have friends coming over. Makeup still in tact. Kids still asleep.  But I do feel stronger, I’ve done something new which is always a rush and I had a hell of a lot of fun.  So to me, #itcounts